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Related post: WARNING: This fictional story contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS UNDER THE AGE OF TWENTY-ONE. You should know whether you want to be reading this or not! Re-edited 8/98 ************************************************************************ RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-1 "RITES OF BOYHOOD, part 1" (Part #1) Copyright 1997 Vince Water ************************************************************************ There have been new hidden lolita pay sites nude lolitas girls love story elements added to this text since its first posting lolita rape video free with the Nifty Archive on 9/97. Please read it before going onto part 2. Author's Note: This story was inspired by 'Tribal Rites', a short-story by Jack Sprat which I read from the Nifty Archives on the Internet. lolita rape sex pictures If you enjoy my story, please E-Mail me at VINCE_WATERHotMail.Com and let me know! I'll then write continuing parts to this story. As always, I welcome suggestions and comments to all my Indian boy writings and may put them into stories-in-progress like this one! young top bbs lolita PLEASE NOTE that this story is intended for the reading pleasures of adults above the age of twenty-one. It may be freely distributed so long as none of its content is changed. - Vince Water - ************************************************************************** * "Rites of Boyhood" * * - part 1 - lil lolita nude pix * Jimmy has arrived at summer camp. This timid boy has two weeks to explore things away from the strict confines of his mother's apron strings. He hopes to meet new friends, play fun games, participate in authentic Indian rites and just be a happy, care-free boy. A gentle man shows Jimmy how to have sex. The busload of anxious boys passed under the arched wooden entrance and came to a dusty stop. A loud cheer rang out. Jimmy joined the throng of high-pitched voices as an excitement grew in him. He'd seen the carved wooden sign through the bus windows that ls lolita models gallery read 'Camp Shingobeck'. This was where he'd be spending the next two weeks of his summer vacation. Hurray! He nearly didn't make the trip. His mother was a strict, worrying single parent who wasn't easily persuaded to allow her only son to go off to camp. Jimmy managed to convince gothic lolita doll maker his mom that he was no longer a little kid nude loli bbs forum needing her twenty-four-hour protection. He'd just turned thirteen after all! Jimmy bounced impatiently over his seat. The other twenty boys were also clamoring to get out of the bus; it had been a long five-hour trip. Their nineteen-year-old guardian named Kirkland was no fun. He'd proven himself to be a mean kind of guy who kept all the boys in line with his shouting and veiled threats of punishment. He wasn't allowing anyone to leave yet. Anxious minutes passed. The bus driver looked to Kirkland who only shook his head in reply. Jimmy squirmed anxiously over his nude young lolitas y seat like the other boys. 'What are we waiting for?' he wondered. 'Nothing fun is happening!' Kirkland stuck his head out the bus window looking for something. Behind him were muttered complaints from the boys to be let out. He shook his head in disappointment at the camp's lack of a welcoming committee and tried coming to a decision. He left his seat to go talk with the bus driver. Jimmy couldn't follow what was being said. 'What's the problem?' the boy wondered. 'The wooden sign had proved that this was Camp Shingobeck. Hey, everyone's anxious to get out and start having fun!' The bus driver raised his voice hard core lolita pix at Kirkland. It could be heard that he wanted to let the boys out of his bus. After a tense pause, Kirkland slowly nodded his head though his eyes glared with anger at the man. A door switch was pulled and the weary driver watched the young teenage boys race down the steps and out. He was glad to watch them go. Jimmy was pushed over a seat when he tried making his way down the aisle. He turned around and gave the shover a mean glare. tiny lolitas no panties It was a fat boy named Arnold; he answered Jimmy by sticking out his pink tongue. Jimmy struggled back into the line of eager boys and found himself standing outside the bus. The air was cool. He looked around in wonder at the tall pines, breathing in their pleasant scent. A younger boy pointed to some wooden buildings in the distance. nude hairy lolita art They looked like old shacks to Jimmy. What caught his attention was a rope ladder hanging down from a huge oak. In its upper branches was what looked to be a club house way up high. It reminded him of his father... how he had died. Jimmy shook his head to cast away that tragic memory. The group of boys started spreading out to explore until a sharp command from Kirkland kept everyone together. He ran around and yelled at any boy who didn't fall in line. There were a few low boos made behind his back. He wasn't much liked. Jimmy kept still. He was a good little boy who listened to what he was told. Anyway, that's what all his teachers had said to his mother in praise: 'You have a fine, obedient son.' Something had gnawed in Jimmy when he heard this account of himself. A friend had once told him that he was a mommy's boy. This year lolitas guarras porno rasuradas would change that. Jimmy wanted to start doing and thinking things for himself; he didn't need his mom to be making decisions for him anymore. When the opportunity came to go off to summer camp, Jimmy saw it as his chance to prove that. He wanted to have fun and explore things on his own. This quest was shared by many if not all of the boys who stood waiting with Jimmy. Their young faces were filled with smiles and bright open eyes wanting to explore. Kirkland stood frantic before the hoard. He was barely able to keep them all under control. cute young hairless lolitas Someone called out in the distance. Jimmy saw a tall black man walking towards them over the dirt trail. Kirkland waved his hand in greeting pink lolita tgp lists and Jimmy noticed the obvious relief showing on the young man's face. 'He`d been scared!' the boy realized. nude lolita girl thumbnails asian lolitas move free An excitement grew in the boys. They saw that the black man was dressed in an Indian costume; he wore head feathers and colorful face paint. A war shirt of yellow leather matched his breech-cloth and leggings. Moccasins covered his enormous feet. A few boys laughed at the absurdity of him. The black man stopped before the boys with a solemn face. It became silent. He pointed at himself and announced that he was Chief Charcoal, the camp leader. That caused a ripple of laughter from the youths. He explained that everyone here would be getting an Indian name; a name that described some trait or appearance of each boy. Someone called out 'piggy' and Arnold raised his fists in anger. He tried to find out who had name-called him. Chief Charcoal laid his hand over the Arnold's shoulder to calm him and suggested small legal little lolitas that 'Angry Fists' would be a good Indian name for him. Kirkland announced that he was to be called 'Heavy Stomper'. He warned that any boy who didn't listen to what he told `em to lolita boy nude photos do would get stomped on lolita model dads girl by him really hard. No one laughed. They knew that he was a mean guy and that his threat 13 yr lolita nude was true. loli cp young torrent Chief Charcoal went to Kirkland and whispered something in his ear. The young man kept his eyes on the group of boys and glared when someone tried wandering away. Something must have been said to Kirkland because he turned to the black man with anger. He then put his hands on his hips and turned away. After an awkward pause, the black man left Kirkland's side and asked that he bring the boys onto the barracks. The chief began making dancing steps and he sang like an Indian to the boys' amusement. Kirkland ignored him. Jimmy felt growing disappointment. He knew what a real Indian was supposed to look like and Chief Charcoal wasn't even close. He was only a black man. The brochure for Camp Shingobeck made it seem like Indian things would be going on here. lolitas bbs 14yo pics Some of the other boys also felt let down. They had endured a miserable bus ride with Kirkland and Chief Charcoal wasn't making it seem worthwhile. Jimmy also thought it was obscene that the black man's butt could be seen flashing under his rear breech-cloth. He'd rather peek on the near-nakedness of a real-live Indian like he had seen in the picture books he often enjoyed looking through in his school's library. The black man continued to sing and he raised his arms to break the boys' dark mood. Kirkland got hard lolita underage samples the boys to follow him down the path. It led back to the old shacks that Jimmy had pink lolita incest pics seen earlier. The bus driver began unloading packs from the belly of his bus. He cursed while tossing them carelessly to the ground. Kirkland noticed and ran back to scold him. The hoard of boys walked noisily behind Chief Charcoal. They ranged in ages from eleven to sixteen and their voices were high-pitched and filled with growing excitement. Camp Shingobeck had claimed to be a fun place in the brochure. posting board loli bbs Jimmy began having doubts though. A wooden totem pole came into view. It was a quarter the height of the surrounding pine trees and bore the images of animals like the eagle and the bear. Jimmy noticed that parts of it were cracked and that the painted colors had turned dull. It looked worn out. The single-story buildings they were walking towards also looked bad. He hoped that Camp Shingobeck wasn't going to be more of a disappointment. The younger boys seemed not to mind. They preteen lolitas pussy bbs danced around the black man chief and touched parts of his naked lolita angel galleries Indian costume. Smiles filled their faces. It made Jimmy mad to see them being fooled. He wasn't as naive so he kept back in the group to show his disappointment. Some of the other boys also fell back. Jimmy found himself walking between two older boys. The one on his left had lolitas nude 456 pedo the dark complexion of a Spaniard top nude lolita list from his short black hair and facial features. There was an attractive curve to the boy's butt in his tight blue jeans. 'How would he look in an Indian breech-cloth?' Jimmy wondered. The boy on Jimmy's right had long sandy-blond hair that flowed down his back. His body was very slim. A peculiar odor came from his clothes like the burning lolita bbs cp kiddy smell of fire. There was a squarish shape in his upper shirt pocket. Jimmy realized that it could be a pack of cigarettes. A forbidden thing for him to have. sweet nude lolita lolita "Parker, give me a smoke!" asked the Spanish boy while reaching into his friend's shirt pocket. "Not now," Parker whispered. His hand clamped little lolitas free preview tightly over his pack of cigarettes. He noticed Jimmy walking between them and looked down at the youth with concern. "What's your name, kid?" Jimmy blurted it out. He sensed that Parker was worried about him having seen the cigarettes so he added, "Can I have one too?" That made the boys laugh. "Yah, right kid. Have you ever smoked one before?" asked Parker. Jimmy meekly nodded his head but doubted that he would be believed. He had once found a cigarette on the ground near school, but like a good boy had thrown it into the trashcan without ever considering smoking it. He wanted to do so now. `Summer camp is for trying out new things,' he told himself. "Later," said Parker. He paused from walking so that Jimmy could get ahead of him. The Spanish boy returned to Parker's side with a grin. Jimmy looked back at the two boys. By the happy expressions on their faces and from they way they walked close together, he sensed their strong friendship. nude camp lolitas picture A thing he longed for himself. Someone jabbed Jimmy in the ribs. It had come from a boy of fifteen who pointed at the tight bulge in the front of Jimmy's pants. An obscene gesture was made that caused another boy nude preteen lolita images to laugh. Jimmy's face burned with embarrassment. His hardness had come from his need to piss and he told the tormentor that it had been a long bus ride. The fifteen-year-old only shrugged his shoulders and walked on ahead of him. Jimmy wondered if there was a toilet in the wooden buildings and realized that the boys ahead of him would probably get their turns first if there was. His filled bladder really hurt him. He didn't think that he could wait to piss. The passing trees gave Jimmy an idea. 'Why not go into the woods?' he thought. Kirkland came to mind. 'He would probably yell at me.' Jimmy came up with a plan though. He paused from walking with the feigned act to tie his shoelaces. The other boys passed him by without a care. When he was about to straighten up, a hand came to his butt and patted it. It was the Spanish boy walking young lolita free bbs with Parker. Jimmy spun around to face them. Parker returned the youth's glare with a silly grin on his face. The Spanish boy stared at the boy's hard-on showing through the front of his pants. Jimmy noticed the hungry look in that boy's dark eyes... It kinda frightened him. life is peachy loli The Spanish preteen lolita model blue boy tried reaching down to feel Jimmy's erection. The youth backed away in confusion and blurted out, "I really got to piss!" "Don't be molesting the kid," Parker warned his friend. He turned to Jimmy and pointed at the woods. "Go ahead. We'll wait for panty sexy lolita models you here while having a smoke." Jimmy watched Parker pull out his pack of cigarettes and remove two. The Spanish boy produced pretee asian lolitas com a small book of matches from his hip pocket and he lit the cigarette given him. Jimmy turned for the woods in a rush. He ran past a few pine trees but slipped behind one to peer back at the two boys. They were standing on the path to smoke. That assured Jimmy that he would be alone when he pissed. He had the strange notion that the Spanish boy wanted to peek at his dick! Jimmy walked deeper through the woods. When an appropriate spot was found near a bush, he unzipped the front of his jeans. A sharp tingle came from his dick. It was anxious ls magazine prelolitas bbs to be freed from his shorts so he angled its hard shaft to piss down at the ground. The dull pressure around his bladder slowly eased. Jimmy sighed with relief as he preteen all nude lolly pissed; a strong flow went out of his long pink dick. His fingers kept a tight hold of it. When his flow ebbed, he squeezed on little lolita 6 12 the shaft causing a thrilling sensation to come from it. That was a neat trick that he'd recently discovered. Jimmy had heard about boys handling themselves for fun. Though it was spoken of in low whispers around school in a way that made it seem like a bad thing, he had tried nude lolita incest bbs it when in the shower. Pinching the shaft of his dick made it grow long and holding it brought him pleasure. The privacy of the bathroom kept his naughty act from being discovered by his mom. The following months had proven exciting for Jimmy. He watched his body getting bigger. Muscles grew in his arms and legs. His height had nearly reached four and a half feet! These distinctions were noticed by his mother. What she didn't see was how his dick had grown thicker and how dark hairs were growing above it. A true mark of a man! With the boy's maturing had come strange urges in him. Sexual ones. Jimmy lingered beside the puddle that pd cp lolita preteen he had made over the ground. He wanted to squeeze over his erection for a moment longer. Its sharp thrills were enjoyable and he half hoped that the Spanish boy would catch him doing it. This hope in the boy led him to daydream: Jimmy preteen lolitas upskirt photos imagined himself standing in the pool's shower room with all the other naked boys. Soap was passed around along with shampoo. That provided an opportunity for quick glances to be made at one's neighbor. Beyond this interaction, each boy kept to himself in the open stalls. Jimmy was drawn to looking at the naked bodies... He saw mostly butts. When he could spy on a boy's front, a deep pang filled his chest. He stared at the boy's water-slick penis and sack of balls in a kind of hunger that went beyond simple curiosity. His peeking caused his dick to rise. Jimmy tried covering his excitement with his hand. That drew the attention of a Spanish boy who nodded knowingly at him and grinned. He turned to Jimmy to show off his brown erection with pride. It was of length that seemed of manly proportions to the youth. A clump of dark hair curled above it. The Spanish boy gestured for Jimmy to pull away his cupped hand from his groin but the youth felt reluctant to reveal his smaller dick; it was no match for his brown companion's hot tamale. They lingered in the showers while the other boys went off to dress. When they were finally alone, the Spanish boy stepped into Jimmy's shower and turned around. He pressed his brown butt against Jimmy's. His hands reached for the youth's hips and held them tightly. It was a dangerous yet immensely exciting moment for Jimmy. He didn't exactly know why the Spanish boy wanted to stand close with him under the shower but the soaring private loli model collection feeling from it kept them butt-to-butt. He reached his hands back to hold the boy's dark hips. Their slippery butts pressed together. A humping motion began that thrilled Jimmy; an electric tingling went through his hard dick. Jimmy turned his head and looked down at their touching. His Spanish companion had a nicely rounded butt that humped against his smaller pair of cheeks, brown on white. The shower made their bodies slippery ls cp lolitas feet against each other. It enhanced their skin rubbing thrills. Very exciting! Jimmy wondered how preetens nude photos lolite the Spanish boy knew that he'd accept their touching and not run away to tattle on him to the others. Was more going to happen between them? Laughter echoed through the shower room. Jimmy looked up in horror as their two swimming lsm lolita image board instructors walked past them. They stared at the two boys with smug grins. Hands flew away from each other's waist. Jimmy ran out of the shower room to find his locker. His shaking hands worked the combination lock but without success. Against his belly, his aching erection indian teen lolita porn drew curious looks from the boys around him. His great embarrassment preteen nude lolita sluts mixed with stark naked fear. 'Was it a bad thing that he'd done with that boy in the shower?' Jimmy's daydreaming ended. He remembered the humiliation and confusion the incident had given him since it had really happened. Luckily, the swimming instructors never spread word of what they'd seen. That older boy who had touched butts with him wasn't Spanish as he'd daydreamed but white like himself. He had whistled in the shower room afterwards as if calling out to Jimmy. `Is it okay to like forbidden naked lolita preteens boys what is lolita nude that way?' Jimmy wondered. He often thought about that shower room incident but with 6 14 lolitasnude pics different boys taking their place behind him to rub butts. They would always be older than himself and showing him what cs island lolita ls to do. That Spanish boy smoking back on the trail seemed interested in him. Jimmy wanted to try touching butts lola russian 12 pics and do more things if was all right with him. A stick broke over the ground behind Jimmy, ending his daydreaming. He turned abruptly at the intruder and was surprised to see that it wasn't a boy. A dark-skinned man stared back at him. An Indian! He wore zeps preteen lolita bbs regular clothes and had long black hair. An ugly, scary-kind-of-a-face peered back at him. Jimmy had been stunned for the moment before thinking to cram his long dick back into his jeans. "Who are you?" Jimmy gasped. The Indian man bowed his head. "I am Mister Burrows. Sorry to scare you," he whispered. His toes wiggled over the mossy earth. Jimmy smiled at the Indian's lack of shoes and was calmed by the man's soft voice and gentle ways. Mister Burrows stood only a little taller than lolitas litle models pic himself; non-threatening. After clearing his throat, Jimmy tried thinking of something to say to the Indian in reply. Something to explain away what he was caught doing to himself. Nothing came to mind so he lowered his eyes to the ground in shame. "What is your name?" asked Mister Burrows. "Jim..." he stuttered. "I'm Jimmy McClair." The man grinned, nodding his head in understanding. The boy lifted his eyes and looked into the Indian's changing face. It didn't seem so ugly anymore. The man had a rough-skinned appearance but his smile was warm and sincere. Jimmy felt confused. 'What is an Indian doing in white man's clothes?' he wondered, 'and the name seemed wrong... Mister Burrows? What kind of Indian name is that?' 12yr lolita nude pics A boldness came to the youth when he asked, "Are you a real Indian?" The man nodded. "I'm of the Cheyenne People. The first child porn russian lolita generation to be freed of the Reservation." 'Freed?' Jimmy thought. He wondered for a moment if this man had run away from prison or something. 'Maybe that's why he wore regular clothes.' "What are you doing here?" the boy asked. "Ah... I'm the janitor," he answered softly. preteen nude school lolita "A summer job for me." Jimmy was satisfied by the man's answer. It seemed truthful. At school, he noticed that all the janitors were dark-skinned Mexicans 11 loli photo models or black men. 'This camp young lolita xxx pics would be a great hide-out for an escaped Indian,' the boy thought. Mister Burrows pre-teen lolita nymphet sex looked down at the ground by the boy's feet, at the puddle soaking into the earth. "That a good spot," he said with a grin. The man stepped closer to the youth while releasing a low sigh. Jimmy watched the Indian man reach into the front of his pants and pull out his brown dick. The boy gasped in surprise. It looked very different from his own. ygold lolita pedo russian He saw that the man's dick bore a thick skin around it. A moist head popped out from the shaft when the loose skin was pulled back. A yellow stream burst out from it. The boy could only stand there in shocked silence and watch. As Mister Burrows pissed, Jimmy noticed a few dark hairs peeking out the front opening of the man's pants. It reminded him of the new growth of hair he was getting above his own dick; blond hairs though. The Indian's were black like the long hair flowing down his back. Jimmy lowered his eyes to the ground. He saw his puddle grow with the man's urine and noticed his bared feet again. The man's toes wiggled. It was a sign to the boy; Mister Burrows may wear a white man's clothes but he had kept his feet uncovered like a real Indian. lolita nude toplist net The boy looked for more signs. He saw that the man's arms and legs seemed longer than they should be. The pants were loose around his waist. 'At least Mister Burrows isn't a fat Indian!' he little lolita nude gallery mused. The man's flow ebbed. His hand pulled over the length of his brown dick to get out all his urine. The act seemed to take longer than it should... A startling idea came to the boy. What Mister Burrows was doing looked similar to what he had done after pissing here. 'The man had caught me playing with myself. Is he trying to make fun of me?' he thought. The Indian man's dick grew long. Very long. With each hand stroke, the moist brown head popped out with a sucking sound. It curved upwards a little. More of the man's dark hairs sprouted from the opening of his pants. The slow rubbing was fascinating to Jimmy and a bit scary yet he stood as if rooted to the ground to watch the Indian's dick handling. dirty lolita preteen xxx A clear oozing came from the knob's piss hole. It spilled to the man's moving fingers in sticky strands like honey. Jimmy smelled its sweet scent in the air between them. He knew that he was watching lolita video child love some kind of adult male act. The man's shirt rippled open. Jimmy noticed the bulging strength of the Indian's chest and arm muscles. It was attractive to the boy. He saw the dark skin around the man's open collar little lolita video portal and knew that it came from summer tanning than from his Indian heritage. The youth had a desire to see if the man's body was brown all over. Jimmy's eyes wandered up to the man's face. His dark eyes were wide open; piercing. They captured the boy's and something flowed between them. It sent a shiver down the youth's back. He managed to break away from the man's eyes so that he could look down at the rubbing motion. 'A really long dick!' The man pointed at the bulge in Jimmy's unzipped free youngest lolita nude jeans. "Pull it out," he asked. "It good to make a hard penis come out." The boy was startled. It surprised him that the Indian wanted to see his hard dick again and that they should be squeezing them together. Jimmy thought of running away yet he was excited by what was happening so he considered doing what the man asked. Jimmy unfastened the button to his jeans. His fly was already unzipped but he wanted the Indian to see more of his body; the white underwear that he wore and the bulge from his erection within it. A brown hand was reaching into Jimmy's open pants before he knew what was happening. The man's fingers drew his erection from his shorts and got it to stick out in the open. Sharp thrills came from pregnant lolita pussy pics the gentle fingers around his pink shaft. The timid boy closed his eyes. He couldn't believe that someone was actually touching his dick. "A man teach the boy this thing," Mister Burrows explained. "When a boy shows hair, it's custom in our tribe to bring in his manhood spirit. A good rite to perform between lolita 14 yers old us." Jimmy heard masturbation lolitas art 12yo the man's words. 'A rite?' he thought. 'An lolitas bbc peteen nud Indian df top list lolita rite?' The boy opened little tiny hairy lolitas his eyes and looked down at the man's brown hands. They were moving slowly; both filled with a long dick. The Indian's ritual was a sexual one, Jimmy realized. Its pleasure made russian child loli pics the awkward situation between them more bearable. Mister Burrows switched hands. He daddy s little lolita brought his wet hand around the boy's hardness and continued masturbating him. His own dick was let be. Manly oozing soon covered the youth's dryness to make for a slick handling. Jimmy gasped in sweet pain. He peeked lolita cp models top through eyeslits to watch the lolita with pubic hair Indian's ritual. It became a slow, rhythmic pulling of his pinkness through the man's brown hand. The boy wondered why the man's long dick wasn't being handled. A low humming filled the air between them. Jimmy listened to the harsh tune and he could ls lolita studio photos hear words being sung. Not English words. "Take my in hand," the man asked. He continued his Indian chanting. Jimmy watched his left hand reach out to the hard brown dick as if without thinking. It felt warm and soft under his fingers. He squeezed the thick skin and made the rubbing motion that the man was making over his pink dick. The brown knob oozed into his palm. Its sweet scent was strong. The man's harsh breathing caused gasps in his humming. His Indian song ended. "We stand as man and boy together to do this thing," explained Mister Burrows. "A father shows his son to do it; I stand in his place." Jimmy was startled. He wondered how the Indian knew that he had no father. It seemed like magic. gothic and lolita bible The boy had paused a moment from the ritual beat but moved his tight fingers again. It seemed strange that a man would allow a boy to hold his long dick. Pleasure came from it. nonnude legal lolita girls A thrilling wave that grew in intensity in his own... The boy felt a sweet twisting in his balls. He instinctively held a breath to get his dick to explode. Squirts filled the man's brown hand. Many of them. Each one gave the boy wonderfully intense thrills that he'd never felt before. He blew out a tense breath and rode the intense waves of pleasure. The Indian grunted with satisfaction. Jimmy felt stunned. His mouth filled with breaths and his sight turned gray. He fought against his fainting spell. The man's strong hand reached through the boy's armpit and curved around his back to steady the weakened youth. It had kept Jimmy from falling. The man's hand relaxed when the boy was able lolita teen pic gallery to stand on his own two feet again. Sight slowly returned to his eyes. 10 yr lolitas nude Jimmy felt the Indian man's warmth against him. It was a powerful sensation. His strong hand reached inside the rear of the boy's pants, beneath his underwear to clutch his butt. He could feel the man's fingers digging between the softness of his cheeks. The Indian's other hand returned to his loins, grasping the boy's hand that moved around his cock with a slow rhythm. He top 100 lolitas shy forced the youth to make a tighter squeezing around its thick moist skin. 'Is the man wanting to make his dick squirt out too?' Jimmy wondered. The curved brown dick felt like it was getting harder in the boy's hand. He was still being held by the man's hand under his; a quicker pace was being made. He felt his rear end being squeezed. One of the man's fingers traced down the crack of his butt to reach deep between his cheeks. Jimmy peered into Mister Burrows eyes for the reason for it. The man's dark eyes were like a fierce bear, hungry and growling! free lolitas xxx porn "You have nice soft melons," whispered Mister Burrows in explanation. "I'd like to put my seed in there to grow them to a man's strong shape." Jimmy felt the man's finger over his hole. Its pthc pedo lolitas bbs tip rubbed over his butt's entrance and pushed inside. `Such a daring thing to try!' The boy didn't understand what the man had meant about his butt. Only that he liked it. Mister Burrows growled. His fingers squeezed Jimmy's bottom with much lust when his manly loins exploded. Pleasure mixed with much pride for his accomplishment before the innocent youth. The boy's eyes widened when he saw the white squirts coming out. A strong flow filled his hand. The brown dick made five spurts that was followed by the man's low grunt of satisfaction. Jimmy had to cup his fingers to keep it from schoolgirl loli anal pic spilling to the ground. Loud breaths filled the air between them. Jimmy saw that the Indian had his eyes closed; `a look of pain on his face?' Some fear came to the boy. He wondered if his pulling had somehow hurt the man. Mister Burrows filled his lungs deeply and opened his eyes. He smiled at the boy in front of him with much fondness and looked him over. Jimmy had short blond hair and a freckled face with bright blue eyes staring back at him. He judged the youth to be in his early teens by his thin frame though it showed promise of manly growth. 'A really cute white boy,' he thought. There was a look of worry on the youth. With a simple nod of his head, the man assured Jimmy that what they had done was a good thing. Their rite was nearly at its end so the Indian began picss lolita bbs pics singing. He drew the boy closer to him. Jimmy saw his filled hand being led to the man's filled hand. What had come out from their dicks was different; his made a clear pool while the Indian man's was white like milk. `Thicker too.' Their hands clasped together as if in friendly greeting. What had come out from their dicks was being put together. The Indian man ended his song. "We join seed, a man's to the boy. It passes my strength unto you..." The boy swallowed nervously in his throat. His hard lolitas pics info eyes widened in russian lolita art galleries sudden realization. 'Sperm! That's what our dicks had squirted out.' He saw that the man's sperm was white and strong while his own was clear and weak. "You young lolita candy pics a good boy, Jimmy. In the moons ahead, your loins be with man's hair and filled with strong seed like my. There be more Indian rites to show you..." Jimmy peered into the man's dark eyes lolitas yung sex preteen after he spoke. There was truth in his gaze. The boy felt the power of what they had done. A real Indian ritual! He wondered what other kinds of rites this man would be willing to share with him. The man's wet hand squeezed his more tightly. It sent a shiver down the youth's spine to know that their sperm was being put small girl lolita model together: a man's to a boy. He smiled at the Indian. The man's weathered face lightened with a lolitas bbs tgp pthc grin of little lolita preteen virginz its own. Jimmy knew then that what they'd done together was a good thing. He felt his body's attraction to the man's and hoped that the other Indian rites would get them naked and doing more things with each other. Sexual things. At that moment in the woods, Jimmy was no longer a little boy. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- End of file: RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-1 This story continues in RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-2
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